Please download the new app!  information is posted here and on our discord.  There has been changes, you must refrech the dns.  Everyone who has an ACTIVE SERVICE will show a date of 2/18, 2/19, or 2/20, please, its not correct, you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INVOICES. All customers were implemetned at ... Read More »

21st Jan 2021

Sorry for the inconvience, but we have been down for some changes that required to be completly shut down.  Thank for understanding, you can now access the whole site. If you havent downloaded the new app please visit the knowledge base under how to install.

9th Jan 2021

When ordering, only order once, your account is being set up, if your login cedentials have not made it to you within an hour, PLEASE, OPEN A TICKET! All account issues, PLEASE, OPEN A TICKET! Our service department will answer tickets in a timely manor and are available more than one way.

31st Dec 2020