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Terms and Conditions

We sell a digital service and only provide the connection to the content.  We will help where possible, but we expect the customer to be able to troubleshoot their problems through guides in the knowledge base in the client area and our private forum on FB.

NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR ANY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. WE WILL NOT GIVE ANY SORT OF CREDIT DUE TO CANCELLATION OF SERVICES MIDWAY THROUGH THE MONTH. You will remain with your service until the end of the billing cycle. Do not purchase a plan, especially a plan with multiple months if this bothers you. We reserve the right to offer refunds and discounts. WE RECOMMEND CONTACTING US FOR ASSISTANCE if you experience any issue receiving or accessing our services. We suggest purchasing the one connection to see if the services will work for you and if you are happy with the service you can create a new order to purchase more service.

We recommend that you have internet speeds of 25mb or higher without a cap on it.  This service will use a lot of data when streaming.

Not all content will work all the time, content will go down for repair/updates/maintenance occasionally and may take minutes to up to days to come back. We are constantly progressing to make things better and are improving our systems all the time.

Private Forums

You can join the group by clicking the Facebook icon on our web page.  If you are having account issues you will need to open a ticket from the client area.  Doing this will allow us to find your account and better assist you.  DONT go on the FB group with account issues we will not be able to hep you and we want to keep your account info confidential.  We expect everyone to treat us and others in the group with respect.  If you feel that you have to be disrespectful, or post an answer that is disrespectful you will be given a warning and if it happens again we may remove you from the group.

We are all in this together to have good digital entertainment at a great cost.  WE hope that you enjoy our service and will tell your friends and family.  By doing so, if you have an active account, every time that someone new uses you as a referral when they purchase service you will get credit.  After receiving 3 referrals we will credit your account free for one month.

Thank you for choosing Next Gen Streamz, powered by Limitless Electronics, LLP